E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – The Last Push

E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – The Last Push

Igor Polishchuk

Get caught up with the Grape:

With Sema time fast approaching there is no time to lose.  We are destined to leave early friday morning (26th) as our scheduled time to enter the convention center in Las Vegas, NV is on saturday at noon. We have already had a few sleepless nights. My determination to get things done and look correct is high. There is some frustration as well. Because time does not stop; as the minutes turn to hours and the hours in to days and nights and there is still a lot to finish.

The final pieces came back from paint. And it was exciting to be able to put together the front end of the car.

With the highly hated square lights. The mtech kit is one of my favorites. And on this car it just looks so darn good.

Everything is getting fully wet sanded and polished off. Then protected and coated in CeramicPro.

I want it all to last. Not only to protect the paint but to also help with cleaning.

With the rear bumper and mtech valance installed we were able to finish off exhaust system.

Vibrant Performance components

Really happy how this turned out.

I will be sure to do a sound clip on youtube later with a link to the video here as well.

The Custom wheels arrived from our friends at Rotiform and they came out amazing.

Unfortunately it’s one item you will have to wait to see.

You can see the sexy Toyo Tires as well in the above picture.

Stay tuned for the next installment as we show you the final reveal at Sema…

Special thank you to our supporting Partners:

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