E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – Intro


E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – Intro

Igor Polishchuk


Oh no another e30! But this is the last one I promise. Who am I kidding it’s never the last one.

Have to keep going! I’ve got a brain full of ideas that the world needs to see. Not to mention a heavy addiction. Being around cars and german classics all the time does not help. Let me tell you. I had this crazy day dream while working a 16 hour day. What if I build a fully retro e30. I am talking about you use a time portal and bring back tapes and a corded phone. While using some of the best CAtuned makes plus more. Well fast forward 3 years later I’ve collected enough junk (umm I mean goodies) and then some and you get on it.


I started with a 1987 BMW e30e coupe. No heavy rust at all. But rough body and needing both front fenders and doors. Car still ran and drove ok but needed everything. I started by stripping the entire car out from head to tow. Everything off except the subframes and the suspension so that the car could still roll around. We turned to 916 Fresh Cars for the body work & Paint. Sticking with my tradition of doing interesting and attention grabbing colors I decided on BMW Daytona violet (purple) hence the name Grape.

New fenders & doors were purchased from BMW directly and yes they are still available for the time being.


Special thank you to our supporting Partners:


As stated I collected parts for the last 3 or so years and so I wanted to really build a entirely brand new E30. We get some asking what does it take. Well I haven’t added anything up. I’ve simply bought stuff and stored it away. But if you go to realoem.com and kind of save the part numbers you want or would need to build a new car and then give it to your local BMW dealer you will quickly learn that you need some serious $$$.


Well this is a nice intro and stay tuned for more next week. As we show you what it took to rebuild the front and rear end suspension plus the engine build. I am not keeping the old 2.7 eta M20 motor. We are going with a fully rebuild S52 M3 engine plus adding forced induction. So be sure to check #e30grape on instagram as I will be adding daily updates on my IG as well as stories. Thanks for following along. Really hope you like the build and I appreciate you checking things out.


-Igor P.









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