E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – The heart


E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – The heart

Igor Polishchuk


Get caught up with the Grape:


On this installment of the build I want to introduce you to the heart of the car. I have to say that I really love the M20 inline 6 engine and on a lot of our e30 builds we have done various m20 engines. I can not stress how much I love that motor. The simplicity and lack of electronic junk that goes along with them. We have also done the opposite of that like the S54 in the MintE30 car. While both are great I couldn’t help but remember my E30henna car. It was S50 powered and later VF supercharged. And that’s exactly what I wanted for this build.

I went with a S52 (3.2 inline 6 USA motor) with more power from the added Active Active Autowerke Supercharger.


Engine specs:

  • Machined and prepped block / Clean and magnaflux block / Deck block surface
  • JE 9.0:1 pistons (2618 forged, 86.5 – 0.50)
  • Coated rod bearings (STD)
  • Coated main bearings (STD)
  • Bore and hone using torque plate and 3-stage hone process
  • File fit piston rings
  • Painted block black

Specs are listed below:

-Piston skirts: 3.4077-3.4078”
-Piston-to-wall clearance: .0025-.0027” (spec is .0020-.0028”)
-Top ring gaps: .021”
-Second ring gaps: .023”
-Oil rings: .015”
-Main bearing bores: 2.5594” across all  (spec is 2.5591-2.5598”)

***Cylinder taper and out-of-round measured and confirmed to be 0

  • Cylinder head Pressure checked / Glass blasted / surfaced
  • Supertech Double valve springs
  • Supertech valves & retainers


For the flywheel setup I wanted to use what I know works well. For as long as I can remember we have used the Fidanza flywheel and have always had a ton of good luck with them. It’s also at the correct price point and won’t kill your budget like other units out there. You can get more info here.



Next installment will show the install of the suspension & the complete engine assembly.

Here is also a sneak peak at one of the most critical components of any build- The cooling system.

We love to use the CSF Radiator. The quality and looks can not be beat.



Stay tuned for lot’s more….


-Igor P.