E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – Starting the build


E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – Starting the Build

Igor Polishchuk


Following up from the first post (Intro Part 1) all the parts laying on the floor. It’s a crazy feeling knowing this will all be installed and more. The car is on the lift and ready for assembly. Honestly I have pictured it in my mind over and over the last few years. And I can honestly say this is so much better. It’s all here in front of me.

I started with the interior.

Cleaning off the left over body shop mud, sand, etc. I took the time to POR15 the interior floor boards and then proceeded to lay down sound deadener. I like to use Fatmat as it’s not over the top expensive while giving you plenty of added sound suppression and heat protection. After all I want an all new E30 and anything I can improve in the process is well worth the effort. Here is the link to the product we use: FATMAT

It’s important to say that you don’t need to go crazy with it. As it is rather thick and you still need to be able to add the heater ducts and the carpet over it. It does great with a single sheet and over the main area.


While I was waiting for the car to come back from Fresh Cars (body shop) @916_freshcars on IG we started to prep all we could to save time. Alex welded all of the reinforcements in for the front subframe, rear subframe and much more. Using the CAtuned catalog we did all poly bushings head to toe. Custom set of E30 Chromoly axles, All new hardware, new brakes, new shoes, new cables and much more. I knew I wanted to keep the power down without internal slippage so we built a custom 2 clutch LSD differential. Using a much higher 3.46 gear ratio. Should make for some fun times ahead.


See more pictures for inspiration.


At the front we did the same treatment. Reinforced where it was possible. Installed a z3 rack with added MRT adjustable outer tie rod ends. ST sway bar, CAtuned Chromoly end links, Condor control arm bushings, Brand new German Control arms, all new hardware and more!


Fresh Cars came by to fully wet sand the car & polish it all out.

Another final polish will be done before we Ceramic coat the body.


Stay tuned for the next installment as I show you all the parts going in.


-Igor P.