E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – The install


E30 Grape SEMA 2018 – The install

Igor Polishchuk


Get caught up with the Grape:


Let’s get this party started. Just to re-cap we have the engine together with it’s transmission. We went ahead and mounted the engine on to the front subframe. We have it leveled on a metal cart and our goal is to lower down the chassis and bolt it on. This went in like butter. All the prep work paid off big time.


After the front assembly was installed it was time for the rear end assembly. And with that fully together it was the mirror image of the front. We installed all the direct body mounted parts on first then the rear end assembly went on.


Suspension is key to any vehicle. It was no exception with the E30grape build. We made a custom CAtuned airbag system. It all went in the car as it should. Front and rear installed without a hitch. At the Front we have our soon to be released Stage 2 BBK system. Custom Floating rotor & 4 piston caliper street setup.


We wanted to be able to control the airbag system in a easy and reliable way so we choose Airlift Performance 3P system. It is a state of the art setup. Not to mention it has bluetooth compatibility. You can store all your pre-sets and much more. The air tank we went with came from FLO Air Ride and is a work of art. Our partner and friend flew over from OK-  Tilson Innovations and helped us throw a retro hardline on the tank. This car is really coming together 🙂


Stay tuned for the next installment as we show you the interior & much more…


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