CAtuned BMW E30 Mtech2 Convertible Custom

CAtuned E30 Mtech2 Vert

Igor Polishchuk


Behold, one of our meticulously crafted E30 Convertibles, a testament to our dedication. This model is the final iteration of the E30 convertibles—manufactured in 1993. Initially, it was an overlooked vehicle, requiring comprehensive attention. We embarked on a journey, painstakingly disassembling it to its core and meticulously reconstructing every element you witness today. Every facet was carefully addressed; practically every component was replaced, often with upgraded alternatives wherever feasible.


The car underwent an extensive disassembly process, including the removal of the engine and more. Subsequently, it entered the body shop, where meticulous attention was given to rectifying dents and addressing various issues. A fresh coat of paint, specifically Jet Black, was skillfully applied, providing a renewed and refined finish.



After repainting it was time for assembly:


We opted for a custom interior sourced from Europe, selecting Recaro seats upholstered with cloth material to mitigate heat absorption during the summer, ensuring a comfortable experience. This choice also enhances comfort during winter months. Moreover, we revamped the door panels and dash, adorning them with leather finishes accented by striking red stitching. We also rejuvenated the convertible top, treating it to a stunning red material and installing all-new internal straps for a refreshed appearance and improved functionality.



When it came to the engine, we left nothing to chance and performed a comprehensive rebuild of the entire M20. The heart of the car underwent a complete renewal, boasting upgraded valves, a stage 2 camshaft, new pistons, and numerous additional enhancements.



When it came to the wheels, we aimed for something distinctive and sought the expertise of one of our dealers based in Japan, who happens to own their own wheel brand: Edmond Wheels


At this stage of the rebuild we replaced the following parts and much more:

All new bushings front and rear (street poly)

LSD differential 3.73 and poly bushing

New axles

New Front and rear wheel bearings

CAtuned Street Coilovers

CAtuned Braided brake lines

New Clutch master and slave along with CAtuned Braided clutch line

New brake Master

Rebuilt and upgraded M20b25 w/ powder coated covers and a custom CAtuned valve cover

New OEM clutch

Rebuilt driveline and new Guibo + support

New hardware

All-new cooling system with upgraded hoses and radiator

MarkD Performance chip

CAtuned Muffler

All new fluids, filters, and more

All new Custom Interior

Red Convertible top with manual conversion

Full OEM Mtech2 body kit including trunk cover and Mtech2 door sills

CAtuned front splitter

CAtuned Custom Badges/roundels

CAtuned Motorsport door handles

Brand new French Headlights, turn signals, and fog lights (not film)

BMW Euro Grills

BMW Evo Fender Seals

Brand new OEM tail lights

Custom CAtuned Gauge cluster, euro clock, and rebuilt AFM by Bavarian Restoration

Strut bar in the engine bay

CAtuned Antenna

CAtuned rear late model filler

And much more…

– The result –



I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring the Mtech2 build! Stay tuned for our next feature—looking forward to seeing you back here.





Spread love and world peace 🙂


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