1991 BMW 318i Sedan 1 owner with 66K miles


CAtuned 91 BMW E30 318i

Igor Polishchuk


It is not often we get an E30 with this much originality and low low miles.

We have gone one step farther and have gone through the car from head to toe.

Often when a car sits there are issues to be found as seals, bushings and other components go bad so even tho the car has low miles it will need work.

We took the guessing out and replaced everything plus much more.

Vin # WBAAJ9310MEJ05895

Work completed:

NOTE: Inspected vehicle found rear windows not working. Wiper blades not moving, Antenna missing grommet, Cracked fog lights, missing front lip, and damaged lower valance. Mechanically running but needs updating due to age, not miles.

Service: Found both exterior wiper arms loose. Tighten down both and re-tested.

Found passenger side now working as it should but driver’s arm is rounded off and
teeth are stripped. Replaced with another good used unit. Tested found good
working. Replaced both wiper blades.

Service: Installed Antenna Grommet

Service: Removed front grills, headlights, front bumper, damaged lower valance.

Cleaned behind and old parts. Prep for install of new parts.
Service: Paint front lower valance/ match to paint code.

Service: Install new clips, washers, hardware and fog lights on to new valance. 4.4 150.00 Install valance on to car. Install lower lip. Install headlights, grills. Tested everything working as it should.

Service: Rear windows not operating. Found 2 bad switches. Passenger rear motor stuck. Cleaned and Greased motor and tested working. Assembled and all is good now.

Service: Remote / Alarm not working. Found bad battery in remote. Replaced battery now lights up but not working. Found Alarm box disconnected inside the dash. Reconnected power and signal wires. Reset alarm box. Programmed remote and now working as it should.

Swirls, haze, light and heavy scratches removed through various levels of wet sanding, machine compounding and polishing to achieve the customers desired level of finish.

Service: Interior deep cleaning of main carpet, cloth carpets, shampoo, wash, steam clean. Clean and detail all gaps and inside door jams. Install brand new floor mats.

Parts: Hood Sound insulation
Parts: Sway Bar end links with hardware.
Parts: Drive Belt
Parts: Drive Belt
Parts: Drive Belt
Parts: Oil Filter
Parts: Engine Oil 20W50 Full Synthetic (new)
Parts: Spark Plugs BOSCH
Parts: Steering rack Boots
Parts: Power steering hose
Parts: Power Steering reservoir
Parts: Power steering hose
Parts: Power steering Fluid
Parts: Coolant
Parts: Sway bar link (LEMFOERDER)
Parts: Air Filter
Parts: Control arm (LEMFOERDER)
Parts: Tie Rod Assembly
Parts: Front Control arm bushing (also known as loli pop bushings) SET

Parts: Fuel Filter 1

Parts: Fuel hose and hose clamps 1

Parts: Subframe bushings OEM 2

Parts: Axle Shaft 2

Parts: Lower Oil pan Gasket 1

Parts: Upper Oil Pan gasket 1

Parts: Valve Cover Gasket set + Bolt gasket seals 1

Parts: Engine Mounts BMW OEM 2

Parts: Brake Fluid 1

Parts: Differential Fluid 1.6

Parts: Transmission Fluid 1

Parts: Bilstein none sport rear shocks 2

Parts: Upper Rear strut mounts. BMW BRAND NEW 2

Parts: Rear upper shock mount gaskets 2

Parts: Transmission mounts OEM

Service: Removed rear subframe, Rear trailing arms, removed rear differential. Strip everything out. Clean out and remove old bushings. Install new bushings.
Pressure wash to clean old dirt and etc off. Installed rear subframe in to car.
Replaced rear shocks, top hats and upper gaskets. Bleed brakes with new brake fluid.
Service: Removed and replaced: Engine mounts, Transmission mounts, both oil and gaskets, valve cover gasket w/ inner seals. Replaced engine oil and filter.

Service: Replaced spark plugs, Power steering reservoir and 2 hoses coming off the reservoir. Drain and replace coolant.

Service: Replaced lower control arms, loli pop bushings and inner/ outer tire rods along with rack boots.

Service: Replaced fuel lines at fuel filter, Hose clamps, and Fuel filter. Service: Replaced Transmission mounts and transmission oil.

Service: Removed old sound insulation from hood. Install new. Parts: Driveline support w/ Bearing
Parts: Driveline Flex joint (guibo)

Service: Replaced the driveline flex joint and center support. Install in to car. Installed shields and exhaust back in to car.




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