Whole LADA fun :)

LADA 2106

Igor Polishchuk


My fondest automotive memory as a child was around a lada. Most of my family had a Lada (Zhiguli) at one point or another. So it’s not crazy for me now as an adult have wanted one. I have been searching off and on for the last 4+ years. Opportunity presented itself with a LADA 2106 that ended up here in Sacramento, CA. Talking to the owner he presented the car for review but then changed his mind about selling it. He said he had it for 6 years and has grown attached to the car. Long story short more contact was made talking and sending txt messages back and forth. Trades were done and I can safely say I was lucky enough to acquire the car.


Driving the car for the first time it was different. Like stepping back in time. With it’s simple like construction dating back to the 1960s. Considering it only has 86 ft·lbf of torque it manages to easily gain speed and stay above 65pmh on the freeway. The 4 speed manual transmission is easy to navigate. There is nothing out of reach or broken. The odometer shows 49K original kilometers. And the car is fully original. In fact the only thing that I have managed to find not working is the horn. There is zero rust and all of the car survived amazingly well.


There are no immediate plans for the car other then enjoy it and have fun. I did manage to add a vintage Rose shift knob (gifted years ago from Russia). It would be nice to lower the car and add some wheels to it along with perhaps a roof rack but those aren’t a requirement. As it’s just awesome as is.



I plan to update you all on the progress and adventures with a whole Lada fun to come 🙂


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