The Greenmaxhine E30 Sedan Build


The Greenmaxhine E30 Sedan Build

Igor Polishchuk


Since the last major Sedan build, I’ve been itching to embark on another one. Truth be told, there’s a certain allure about sedans that I find just as captivating, if not more, than coupes—even though they share the same wheelbase.

Early in 2023, a message pinged on my phone from a contact in Bakersfield, CA, someone we’ve done business with in the past. He mentioned an E30 sedan he’d salvaged from a field, having sat idle for a good 8 years without a purr. The images he sent painted a dire picture; it needed a complete overhaul. Yet, the price was right, and we sealed the deal to bring it home.

I enlisted Yuriy and two of my kids, and together, we ventured out to claim the car. On arrival, we were met with a somber sight—a neglected vehicle with no trace of keys and two deflated tires. Loading it onto the trailer became a feat of its own, but we persevered and succeeded.


The pictures tell the whole story—the car was a comprehensive project from head to toe. Body, interior, mechanics—every facet cried out for attention, and then some. Yet, amid the challenges, it boasted a clean title and a rust-free chassis.

After bringing it back to Sacramento, the car rested on the sidelines, quietly biding its time for that serendipitous moment when its destiny would be realized, whether by my hand or passed on to another caretaker. There was no predefined purpose; it was simply a gratifying act to rescue it from the clutches of rust and decay.

I maintain a collection of projects awaiting their turn in the limelight, gathering parts and ideas that might one day spring into life. This sedan became a part of that collection, storing away components amassed over the years. Additionally, with the inception of CAtuned Autobody, the prospect of showcasing our expertise and defining excellence in paintwork became an irresistible challenge.

Thus, we dove headfirst into disassembling the entire car. Initially, there wasn’t a concrete plan beyond the understanding that everything required a complete overhaul. Referring to my idea book and scribbled notes, a spark ignited—a brilliant concept emerged. British Racing Green, I thought, would be the perfect hue. I’ve always liked naming my cars; it adds character and makes them memorable. This project deserved no less; thus, the GREENMAXHINE was born. Catch the initial episode on YouTube, witnessing the inception of this transformative build.


The bodywork and paint application have exceeded expectations, leaving me thoroughly pleased. Over the years, one of the most persistent challenges in our restoration endeavors has been securing proficient and timely bodywork services. Having the capacity to handle these tasks internally has proven to be the optimal solution.

For this project, we exclusively utilized PPG components, applying an additional layer of clear for added protection. Post-drying, meticulous sanding up to 5000 grit was performed, followed by a comprehensive polishing process, resulting in a flawless gloss finish.

In addition to the exterior refinement, we applied lizard skin within the car’s interior and underneath, enhancing both sound insulation and heat control for an all-encompassing improvement.

Finished in all PPG Materials in beautiful British Racing Green (BMW Individual Color)
Ceramic coated (coming)
Complete Mtech2 Body kit
Custom Taifun Front grill / headlight modification
Custom Front Koppen Lip
Custom Rear DTM Splitter
Custom CAtuned Tail lights
New CAtuned Fog lights
Custom Badging and emblems
Evo Fender seals
Custom Rear trunk spoiler
All new BMW seals, gaskets, glass and more


From the outset of this build, my intention was to retain the M20 engine. In my experience, engine transplants often present challenges with power deficits and multiple leaks, unless the replacement motor undergoes a comprehensive rebuild. Moreover, many available replacements boast high mileage, demanding significant financial investment. Personally, I’ve always cherished the M20 engine—the rhythmic click of its rocker arms and the timeless sound it generates hold a special place.

However, I didn’t settle for a standard M20 for this project. Instead, we embarked on creating an exceptional stroker engine. Here are the intricate specifications:

Late Model BMW M20 Engine
Stroked to 3.0 with a 86MM Stroke
85MM bore and 9.5:1 Compression
Forged pistons with heat-treated skirts and upgraded wrist pins
Forged rods
1MM over valves
ARP Hardware
KM Rocker kit
Schrick Camshaft – 272 degree camshaft
Schrick Performance Valve Springs
STIMTECH Thermostat housing
STIMTECH / CAtuned Billet Valve cover w/ AN Cooler lines
Matching Intake manifold

You can watch the Youtube video for a detailed step-by-step parts overlay.

When it came time to assemble the car we did not cut any corners. I purchased all new seals, clips, nuts, bolts, bearings, and much more. Everything that needed to be refreshed was stripped and freshly powder-coated in-house.


CAtuned All Aluminum Radiator
CAtuned silicone cooling and intake induction hoses
Fully rebuilt Heater box in-house with all new components, flappers, gaskets, Heater elements, evaporator, and much more
All new Parallel flow A/C condenser and all all A/C parts upgraded and improved
All new Accessories & Powder coated in black
Antigravity Battery and CAtuned mounting box by MELE
CAtuned Heavy Duty Axles
All new Upgraded fuel system w/ 4 pintle injectors
Wavetrac Differential with 3.73 gear ratio
Getrag 260 transmission and all new clutch, etc components
CAtuned Rear Camber provision and upgraded subframe
CAtuned Poly bushings and trailing arms
CAtuned Stainless steel brake and clutch lines
CAtuned APracing brake kit front and rear
Custom Vibrant Exhaust w/ CAtuned Muffler
All New CAtuned hardware front to rear
CAtuned Performance Airbag suspension system
Airlift management & Billet Flo tank


Crafting a distinctive interior was pivotal to this build’s vision. To achieve this, we collaborated with Schellman Seats, and their collaboration proved exceptional. Providing us with two pristine front seats and ample fabric, they enabled us to harmonize the rear seats with a matching aesthetic. Our approach involved enhancing the factory rear seat by augmenting the bolsters and incorporating customized badging, evoking the essence of the M3 design while infusing a unique touch.

Custom CAtuned gauge cluster redone by Bavarian Restoration
Custom leather wrapped dash, center console, glove box and knee panel
Leather wrapped door panels
Shelman seats finished in corduroy inserts and black outer cloth
Custom M3 inspired rear seat with matching front seat material
All new Lower carpeting
Alcantara headliner, A and B pillars and rear speaker shelf
Sony head unit and upgraded wiring along with all new component speakers
Billet Custom Delta Park Auto Hand Rest console
CAtuned Shift knob and ebrake handle
CAtuned custom shift and ebrake boot

Wheels & Tires 
Custom set of 17″ Autostrada Modena wheels
17×8 and 17×9
205/40/17 and 235/40/17  Wrapped in TOYO TIRES 
When the time came to craft the exhaust system, our aspiration was to create something truly exceptional. Collaborating closely with our esteemed associates at, the brainstorming sessions commenced. Our vision centered around integrating a robust Billet flange, essential for constructing an exquisite set of headers. Through direct collaboration, we realized an exceptional set of flanges—truly an awe-inspiring creation that surpasses mere pictures.Furthering our endeavor, our partnership with Vibrant Performance proved instrumental. Their generous provision of an array of high-quality components empowered us in the construction of both the headers and the entire exhaust system. However, due to time constraints leading up to SEMA, we opted for a temporary exhaust system. Rest assured, we’re committed to revisiting this project to craft a comprehensive stainless steel masterpiece and share the process through our blog updates.


The next real badass item we have been working on with has been the CAtuned Forged Billet upper chassis reinforcement beam. Strut bar for short. I always thought that all of the bars on the market were cheap and junk. They didn’t have enough adjustability and didn’t fit great. And some only fit a specific year or model type. Well, this bar will fit and has a ton of adjustability. We have tested it with numerous amounts of engines as well. Which makes it versatile.


SEMA 2023

When it was time for SEMA this year, we had the opportunity to participate in the TOYO Tires treadpass booth. Their exceptional booth setup and ability to attract crowds to explore the showcased cars were truly commendable. The sheer number of top-tier builds featured in the booth was unparalleled in terms of quality.


Following SEMA, we departed from Vegas and journeyed back to Sacramento, pausing in the desert to capture some stunning photographs.



Thanks for checking out the Greenmaxhine build!

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